Personal Loan Types

Please take time to read what each type of personal loan is about, so you can apply for the personal loan that is going to suit you the best.

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Types of personal loans are:

  • A secured personal loan is where the personal loan lender or Financier, such as a Bank, Credit Union, Finance Company, agrees to advance the money to the customer for the physical purchase of an item, but takes a "goods mortgage"; that is to say a "Bill of Sale" or "security" over the item; such as a car.

    Vehicles are the most common item that is "secured against"; next to a house and is often referred to as a "car loan".

    As the vehicle in this case is going to be "used" as security, there needs to be a way of ascertaining its value.

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  • An unsecured personal loan is where personal loan lenders; more often Banks than Finance Companies, agrees to advance the money to a customer for the 'worthwhile purpose' but takes no security over any item.

    Examples of where unsecured personal loans could be useful are purchasing home theatre stereo equipment, taking a holiday, weddings, jewelry, and debt consolidation (i.e. non tangible items).

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  • Payday Loans are designed with two things in mind.
    First they are generally taken out by people looking for money fast, and for only a short loan term; weeks or a few months. Because of the nature of this type of loan, often the loan does not fall under the protection of the U.C.C.C.
    Lenders of payday loans therefore often do not charge; or atleast disclose an interest component on the money, instead they will charge fees and you will basically know a repayment amount, and a total amount you are paying back.
    There are also often very substantial penalties imposed if payments are made late, and sometimes they may physically take an item of value of yours as security for the loan.

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  • Bad credit history loans are on the increase due to 'main stream' lenders being more cautious and not lending their money to people with 'defaults' on their credit file.
    These personal loans have higher interest rates, and fees/charges, because of the greater risk of lending money to people who have defaulted on paying back credit before.

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