Bad Credit History Personal Loans

Bad Credit History Personal Loans - For ANY Purpose

The first thing to remember is you are not alone. Many people have been affected recently withe effects of the "Global Financial Credit Crisis". Many people have lost their jobs, and their cash flow has dramatically changed.

Banks have tightened up on their lending, and seldom lend to people with defaults on their credit file.

If You have had:

  1. Banks decline an application for a Personal Loan or a Car Loan
  2. Default Letters on a Personal Loan, a Car Loan, or a Credit Card
  3. Late Payment Letters on a Personal Loan, Car Loan, Credit Cards

There are still a number of Lenders who understand that these defaults may not be because a person does not want to pay, and focus on a persons ability to make repayments not their credit history.

At Personal Loans Online we direct you to personal loan lenders who deal with bad credit personal loans for people who have had credit problems for any purpose, including bad credit car loans, taking into account a persons bad credit history, but making a decision based on whether a person can afford to make the repayments with their current income.


  • Money Monthly

    Money Monthly is an information resource specialising in personal loans with many personal loan lenders available to assist you regardless of your own personal situation, including loans for people who have a bad credit history.

    With many of these lenders, repayments are calculated on a persons ability to make the repayments, between 30 days for smaller payday loans, and 24 months for larger personal loans.

    These bad credit personal loans can be for any purpose and the personal loan lenders endeavor to give all applicants a fair go.

    These lenders access your loan based on your financial future. So if you have a bad credit history or just been knocked back from the major banks why not compare the lenders on Money Monthly.

    Personal loan lenders on Money Monthly that deal with bad credit personal loan value your credit future rather than your credit history!

    Money Monthly has loans to suit any of life's circumstances; including secured personal loans, unsecured personal loans, and debt consolidation loans. With tailored loans, your capacity to repay is calculated, which means you are always in control.

    What types of loans are there? What's the difference?

    There are basically only two types of personal loans:

    1. Secured personal loan
    2. Unsecured personal loan

    After you apply online you get to speak to a real person who will assist you in the process.

    Personal loan lenders these days look for ways to say YES, and help you get you the bad credit personal loan you need, and as fast as possible.

    Once the bad credit personal loan is approved, the lender will discuss how much you are comfortable to repay per week and then set up your loan over a period of generally 30 days to 24 months.

    It really is that simple. So get a personal loan, even with a bad credit history, and make your life a little easier.

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